They say ‘the world is your oyster’ 

- but is it really open to everyone?

Travel has become a rite of passage. Intrigued by exotic locations, strange cultures and all types of nomads, flocks of young people travel to broaden their horizons, find independence and become global citizens. But for a few fresh-faced wanderers, their packing lists are a little longer, their preparation is a little more complicated and their baggage is a little heavier than most.

Carry On follows six young Aussies on their journey across the world, overcoming physical and mental barriers, one country at a time. Bound by a variety of physical disabilities, sensory impairments and mental challenges, this unique group shine a light on the struggles and advantages of travelling with a health condition. As they determinedly chase their wanderlust, they defy expectations and prove that the world is accessible if you just take the time to map it out.